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Piece Movements:

A piece may not move to an occupied piece of the same color. A piece may move onto a square occupied by an opponent's piece. This is called "capture" (). Then the opponent piece is removed from board. Capturing rule for Fish is different see below.

Players can move a chess piece according to the rule of that piece. The pieces' name and movement rules are as follow:

Fish Trey Fish moves one square ahead to an empty square but captures diagonally forward one square.
Promoted Fish, Flip Fish Trey Bork When a Fish is moved to the 6th rank (the 6th row; it is the row that the opponent fishes were originally set up), the fish become flip fish. It moves like the Queen without any special move.
Maiden, Queen Neang (Met) Queen moves one space diagonally. On its first move, it may move 2 squares forward and can jump over another piece. Capturing an opponent piece on its first move is allowed.
General, Guard, Post, Pillar Koul General moves one space diagonally or one space forward.
King Sdaach, Ang (Khon) King moves one space in any direction. On the first move when not under attack, he can move like a horse onto an empty square.
Horse Ses Horse moves from a corner of a 2x3 square to the opposite corner in an L shape. It may skip over any pieces.
Boat Tuuk Boat moves along a line vertically and horizontally without jumping over other pieces.

Acronym uses to represent each peices are: F, P, M, G, K, H, and B.
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