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End Game Rule:

1. Check and Checkmate:

When a piece threatens to capture an opponent king, the king is said to be in check. In Khmer, we say “check“differently according to the checking piece. If the checking piece is Boat or Horse, we say “Ouk” (), otherwise we say “Ruk” (). When a piece that is blocking the Boat’s line of attack on the opponent king is moved away leaving the opponent king in check, we say “Pi” ().

The player with the king in check is required to protect the king. There are three possible ways to respond:
1. Move the king away from the attack so that the king is no longer in check.
2. Capture the piece that is attacking the king.
3. Block the line of attack if the checking piece is a Boat.

If none of these methods are possible, the king is checkmated (Gnab: ). The game is over.

2. Draw:

A game does not always end with a checkmate. Another way to end a game is with a draw. There are three ways to draw a game:

  1. Agreement: Players have the option to mutually agree to draw a game. In most cases, there are insufficient chess pieces to checkmate the opponent. In Ouk Online, a player has the option to click on "Offer Draw" button. If the other player agrees, the game is considered a draw.
  2. Stalemate: If the king is not in Ouk (check) and the king has no legal move or other pieces can't move, this is considered a stalemate. Stalemate is "Ab" () in Khmer.
  3. End Game Rule: When a player has only the king left, there are specific numbers of moves allowed for the opponent. Depending on the style, the fishes may or may not be promoted before the moves are counted. Ouk Online starts the count even if the fishes are not promoted yet.

    Unpromoted Fish Remained:

    If the attacking player has one or more fishes that are not promoted yet, the rule of 64 applies.1

    No Remaining Unpromoted Fish:

    When the attacking player has no fishes left unpromoted, the counting rule applied in this order of 1 to 7. 1

    1. 2 Boats - Rule 8
    2. 1 Boat - Rule 16
    3. 2 Generals - Rule 22
    4. 2 Horses - Rule 32
    5. 1 General - Rule 44
    6. 1 Horse - Rule 64
    7. Combination of 3 or more "side-by-side" Flip Fish or Queen - Rule 64 2

    After the last capture took place leaving a player with just the King, the counting starts. The counting start by first count the number of piece left on the board and then add one as the running party make the move.

3. Resignation:

A player may resign the game at any time. Player can click on the "Resign" button.

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