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Ouk , Ouk Chaktrung , Chaktrung , or Chhoeutrung is a type of board game similar to Western Chess. Like international chess, it is also played on 8 by 8 squares board. However, the board is usually made out of wood and does not have checker patterns.

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Last Updates:
There are tons of bugs. Thanks for the patients.
* Version 0.687:
- Added two players using HTTP. Use browser proxy setting. Should have no firewall issue.
* Version 0.679:
- Implemented AlphaBeta algorithm for AI. Currently set the look ahead for the computer to 4 plies (moves). The computer moves fairly quickly. The computer still plays in a begining level.
- Fixed the annoying sounds. Use voice for Ouk sound.
* Version 0.675:
- Testing MiniMax with 3 plies (each move might take a minute for slow computer)
- MiniMax is an exhaustive search and the computer take longer to move. This is just a proof of concept to test the piece scoring.

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